" I’ve now used Peelable Posters on a few occasions; for use in shop refurbishments; office decoration and trade shows. We’ve always found their service fast, reliable, professional and cost effective. They really add value to any project and give honest responses to our ideas to ensure the best outcome for us – the customer. The product itself is fantastic; it really does what it says. We’re now in a position of being able to change the whole look of a store in a couple of hours by changing the Peelable Posters we use. I’d have no hesitation in recommending the use of both the product and the company"

– Wayne Diedericks, Speedo Retail Operations Manager - UK

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A totally new type of poster the Peelable Poster.

At last a poster has been developed that doesn’t need tack; tape or pins. Even better it will stick to most flat and clean surfaces and can be used again and again and again….. All without causing any damage.

This great new product can solve your point of sale; office signs; special notices and even office décor challenges – see below for more information.

The Peelable Posters usages are limitless, you only need an idea and some space and then you Place it where you want, Stick it to the surface and Peel it off when you’ve finished.... it’s that easy!


Why should you use Peelable Posters?


How can it be used?

The Peelable Poster has a whole host of great uses:-


Our Product Range:

Peelable Wipe Poster ™

Our version of the notice board but there’s no need for nails or pins. Simply let us know the size and design you want and we’ll produce it.

You can leave it in one place or move it when you want. Great for meetings, training courses or just for leaving reminders.


Peelable Posters ™

Our original idea! Want some point-of-sale or office information but don’t want to ruin the wall? Then go for the original Peelable Poster. We can produce one off’s or as many as you want. Just let us have your design and artwork and we’ll do the rest.

Wall Transformers ™

Now you can transform whole walls in minutes with our totally unique Wall Transformer. It comes in 610mm strips to your design specification and can be put up in minutes.

No skills required to install and it can be taken down without causing damage.

A4 Printer Packs ™

Use these in your ink jet printers for signs, messages or company information. They come in packs of 5 or 25 and give you the flexibility to print your own Peelable Posters.


For samples and more information, either fill in the form or please call

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or email us at : info@peelableposters.co.uk